Review: Thalgo, Prodige Des Oceans Essence


Looking for skincare essences to try out for the blog and a guide I’m making this product from Thalgo called my attention so why not decided to give it a try.I have already tried few products from this brand and got very nice results so I was always willing to try it again, but at some point I discovered this one by accident.

But why by accident? well as I said I was looking for essences and this one is called “L’essence” so once in my hands I found out that is actually a serum or concentrate but the results and the ingredients are so great that I’m glad I discovered and is also a quite new product from the brand.

For the ones who don’t know about Thalgo, this is a luxury French beauty brand that creates their products using all ingredients from the sea (algae mostly) always in a eco-conscious way. Thalgo calls it Regenerative Marine Intelligence which in simple words it means this serum infuse the skin with 61 100% marine biomimetic nutrients, essential to the skin’s ability to regenerate itself and to the perfect expression of its beauty.


You can use this product in the morning and/or night just like any other serum after the toner and before the moisturiser, I only use serums in my night routine so I did with this one. I started to feel my skin very soft just after I used it but normally I noticed the real results in the morning my skin was not only soft but felts velvety the same softness we normally get just after a face mask or the exfoliation difference is that while I used this serum I was able to keep the velvet feeling everyday, my skin also had a better natural glow and healthier look probably even younger I do not have wrinkles or lines so cannot really say how would it work with them but very few serums could actually give those wonderful results.

Thalgo, Prodige Des Oceans Essence is available at 30ml for £146, which is pricey I have to admit but the ingredients are really high quality and unique is really worth the money if we compare it with other similar brands.

I hope you enjoyed the post

Evelin x