Perfume Review: Electric Rhubarb by Floral Street


Making the list of the best in fragrance releases 2019 with a bit of delay one of the latest to try out and actually made it into the list was Electric Rhubarb from the British niche perfume house Floral Street. This fragrance was released on 2019 in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society’s.
As always Floral Street perfumes have lovely bottle designs impossible to confuse, and it wasn’t different with Electric Rhubarb, before keep talking about this fragrance we will see the notes:

NOTES: Rhubarb, Australian Sandalwood, Island Gardenia, Frangipani, Jasmine Sambac

I have tried this perfume on my skin, on paper and other people’s skin and the result were pretty similar, I like to think about Electric Rhubarb as a party where the gardenia and the jasmine are at the reception and is actually the first impact you would feel when you spray it, a clean fresh white floral the gardenia is more predominant,I could easily detect the high quality of a proper gardenia nothing of synthetic or cheap florals, we keep going into this party to find the rhubarb but this was actually the interesting part, rhubarb could be used in two ways: the fruity culinary note or the fresh green note, with this perfume the rhubarb start that green note mixed with the floral notes giving the fresh white green white floral, then it finally dries down on a creamy sparkly floral thanks to the sandalwood and the sweet side of the rhubarb.

Is a wonderful option for people who are sensitive to strong perfumes, for the people like me who have issues with the longevity of green sparkly florals.
The longevity is really nice as it tends to last at least 10 hours, the sillage is average you need to be close to the person to actually feel it which makes a good option for everyday use or if you will be in a reduced space like when you take a flight.
It’s unique even when I try to think of anything similar nothing really comes to my mind so it’s really worth trying or doing a present with, before I forget this is unisex.

Remember that Floral Street is a vegan and cruelty free brand and recyclable packaging

Floral Street, Electric Rhubarb is available at 10 ml and 50 ml (non affiliate link) and also can be found in Sephora in many different countries

I really enjoyed trying out this lovely perfume and I hope you get the chance to try it out too!

Evelin x


(PR Sample)