Perfume Review: Mugler Cologne Collection


Summer option, sensitive nose or just a cologne lover, many people is fan of the Mugler classic cologne, but what would you think if this time you have 5 different options to choose or even considering the layering technique to create your own fragrance.

In 2001, the original cologne, designed by Thierry Mugler as the first fragrance for himself, left the mark of a fragrant impression of an out-of-the-ordinary experience characterised by the thrilling union of extreme freshness and organic sensuality. MUGLER’s original cologne heritage paves the way for a range of new thrilling sensations: five fragrances which, individually and as a whole, propose endless, extraordinary experiences inspired by thrilling sensations, natural and unusual ingredients. In every creation, secret notes cause unexpected sensations to resonate in each and every one of us, provoking an intense addiction.

Mugler has infused each fragrance with the freedom to create, reveal and blend scents and colours for a scent that is entirely unique to every individual. MUGLER Cologne reveals the smells of boundless freedom. Mix the Colognes to suit your mood at any moment…


The original unifying cult cologne by Mugler boasts the same scandalously
addictive sensual trail. A liberated blend of petitgrain and white musk releases
the carnal, tenacious freshness of intermingling skin. At the fragrance’s core,
the secret “S” note sparks exciting sensations and leaves the memory of the
hottest encounter on the skin: fresh, sexy, unforgettable.

Notes: Green Petitgrain, White Musk
Secret note: S

Come Together is a wonderful green fragrance with a very good sillage and quite long lasting for being a cologne, it actually didn’t change much from the original version, now how to describe it, is a green clean fragrance where is easy to detect the white musk, is that fresh out of the shower feeling that last for hours, I like it is a modern version of the orginal Mugler Cologne


This carnal, ultra-sensual fragrance exudes both hot and cold. The velvety
smoothness of blue liquorice, the sensuality of white amber and the unsettling
vibration of the secret “E” note make it the most voluptuous second skin imaginable.

Notes: White Amber, Blue Liquorice Accord
Secret note: E

When I saw the blue juice on Love you All I thought right this is the fresh aqua one, wrong, is hard to describe it, I find it a bit similar to Come Together with a pinch of spocy accords a bit floral for moments, is very complex because depending of the skin type is which direction will take as I tried it with different people and never really got the same result.


Notes: Orange Blossom and Shiso Leaf
Secret note: P

This is a nice blend of orange and vanilla? it’s sweet but the orange is not overwhelming as the shiso leaf leads the fragrance towards the greenish fresh side, pretty good for a very hot sunny day, is a interesting mix of white floral gourmand notes with a decent sillage and long lasting for being a cologne.


Notes: Yellow Grapefruit, Hemp Accord
Secret note: C

As someone who has never been a fan of citrus scents I was like “wow!” when I tried this one out. Quite unisex and the star is clearly a sharp yellow grapefruit that is clearly blended by other citrus notes but with the hemp accord it dries down as an aromatic citrus herbal unlike other citrus fragrances that end up being citrus sweet, gourmand or white floral, it gives a very energetic feeling really loved it.


Notes: Purple Ginger, Akigalawood
Secret note: D

At the beginning I expected a woody scent specially considering the color of the juice but no, is a very green fragrances with few touches of wood but not what we traditionally know as woody perfume, the ginger on it a bit hard to detect but Ibelieve is one of the reasons why the cologne keep itself fresh and green, is not bad I just find it more masculine than unisex.

I really enjoyed trying out these and loved to see that Mugler decided to release a cologne collection to play with the layering technique or for people who are not fan of complex perfumes and like something easy to wear well here we are. They are good value for money and are not crazy expensive like other colognes

Mugler Colognes are 100 ml and cost £55 and is only available at Mugler Website

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