Review: Bioderma, Atoderm Gel Douche and Atoderm Crème


Not long ago we talked about the Bioderma Sebium Range and how well it helped me to improve my oily skin prone to acne and turn my skin into a normal type, well today we are going to talk about body dry skin which is my other issue. Most people suffer from dry skin during the winter, but in my case I deal with it the entire year, my skin is very sensitive to the point of being itchy sometimes and I do have to make an effort to keep it smooth so basically mean search for the right products.

During the last days I have being testing two products from Bioderma for Body Care from the Atoderm Range, from shower gels, body creams, hand creams even lip balms. I have been using The shower gel and the body cream and this are the results.

Atoderm Gel Douche

A soap-free formula that gently cleanses and soothes dry, sensitive skin. Transforming into a creamy foam upon contact with water, the face and body wash eliminates impurities and minimises feelings of tightness for long-lasting comfort, It doesn’t alterate the skin pH as I found out that many shower gel tend to make my skin itchy because of the soap messing up the pH of my already very sensitive skin, is incredible the difference of using a dermatological shower gel to a regular drugstore one full of soap and fragrance.

Bioderma Atoderm Gel Douche comes in 200 ml and 1 L

Atoderm Crème

This body cream is fragrance-free and Hypoallergenic with a light but very nourishing formula to keep the skin moisturised for long periods it was a nice replacement for the body butters I normally use as is not thick it absorbs fast and has even better results.

Bioderma Atoderm Creme comes 200 ml and 500 ml 

Now days we care a lot about what type of products we use in our face but we forget about the rest of our body and the importance to choose the right products to keep all of it healthy and looking good, It was a nice experience trying the Atoderm range and I recommend these products as they are not expensive either.


Evelin x