Perfume Review: Aura Eau De Parfum Sensuelle by Mugler


Almost finishing another year and I will have to do my list of best and worst in fragrance of 2019, and today I want to share my experience with one fragrance that actually was released during the summer time but due to work and being traveling around I haven’t had the time and chance to test it out, Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle by Mugler, yes another flanker of Aura, and I said a millon times I’m not a fan of flankers but this house at least puts some effort and releases good ones or at least they smell different and not all the same.

The original Aura had a lot of wood notes on it, plus the vanilla and the rhubarb, creating a greenish sweet fragrance, the reaction of people is love it or hate it, for me is a perfume that depends a lot on the skin pH, but let see the notes of Aura EDP Sensuelle to understand the main difference.


  • TOP NOTES: Cinnamon leaf, Gardenia
  • HEART NOTES: Green Notes
  • BASE NOTES: Sandalwood, White Musk

Far easier to wear than Aura, less strong but with better longevity due to the mix of Sandalwood and the white musk, it does keep some sort of DNA from the first version but as much as probably the Aura EDT does, the gardenia is a bit hard to detect at the beginning but clearly is used to reduce that sharp of the Vanilla that the original one has, the cinnamon the way is blended here is beautiful, the drydown is fresher green mixed with the wood and musk with a soft sweet touch.

I personally like this one more than the Aura EDP, is more an everyday use, more pH friendly, is different even of all the perfumes released this year, I didn’t like the bottle that much I have to admit but I do keep all the perfumes in a dark closet I don’t decorate my vanity or dressing table with them so I hardly ever see them.

My final opinion, if you feel like all the perfumes lately smell the same I would truly recommend if one day you are near a store to try Aura EDP and Aura EDP Sensuelle let them settle down and you might find a good option for yourself, the Aura family doesn’t remind of any perfume at least released in the past years.

Aura Eau de Parfum Sensuelle come in 30 ml and 50ml