Perfume Review: Wonderland Peony by Floral Street


In the last years we have seen the massive production perfume brands releasing flankers after flankers, new versions of what it used to be good perfumes and very few new in fragrances have absolutely nothing new to surprise the demanding and every day more exigent customers, so the niche perfumery became more and more attractive to people looking for something  different and here is one of those wonderful niche perfume houses: Floral Street
Floral Streets is a British perfume house with their atelier in Convent Garden (London) but I guess they have done very well because I saw their fragrances at the Sephora store in Copenhagen, They do make perfumes, body creams, candles and notebooks, people are actually discovering that most perfumes in the market test in animals or use some sort of animal ingredients in their notes, Floral Street is Vegan and Cruelty Free with an interesting recycling type of packaging, for me this is very important because even today many brands even the most famous ones still test in animals, So I really celebrate that brands like Floral Street are proving that you don’t need animal testing or animal ingrdients to make fantastic perfumes.

The first fragrance I have tried from them and the one I’m gonna talk about is Wonderland Peony, a sweet floral fragrance with touches of balsamic notes


Sicilian Lemon, Pink Berries, Pink Guava, Violet, Peony Accord, Raspberry Flower, Vanilla Bean, Pink Cotton Candy, Cedarwood, Vetiver.

Starting with the bottle desing, simple but unique and the lovely photo of the main accord in the background in this case a peony. Now this is what I call a powerful sweet floral that ones it dries down becomes a very sweet woody floral, is perfect for “Sweet Tooth” fragrance lovers is, romantic, feminine, seductive perfect if we look to leave a olfactory memory in someone, This fragrance is supposed to be unisex but the Peony, The cotton candy, the vanilla and the woods that make them even sweeter, I would recommend that men try it on the skin first.

Now sillage wise is medium-high, easy to smell I wouldn’t apply too much if I have to go to an office, very long lasting 10 hours at least, it doesn’t change that much so you won’t get any bad surprise with it, didn’t smell any synthetic or “plastic” notes.

Normally Niche Brands are quite expensive but is not the case with Floral Street, you can get Wonderland Peony for £24 the 10ml bottle or the 50ml one for £58

I personally loved the fragrance and I would truly recommend to try it out.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Evelin x