Perfume Review: Mugler Perfuming Brushes


If we look at the last trends in perfumery we can notice a good on the packaging and format of the fragrances, like roll on minis, pencils, oils, actually last year Mugler released perfume pencils of Aura, Angel and Alien the 3 iconic fragrances of the brand and these year their released perfuming brushes.

First at all I have to say that I was quite sceptical about this format, if it would performance well because there were few failures in the past of brands trying to do the same bu there is also one reality now days, people travel far more, most of them use only a carry on suitcase which limits the amount of liquids you can carry, you want to avoid liquids to leak.
So many women carry perfume on their bags, again avoid leaks and also the problem of the weight as many of my friends for example seem to carry brinks in their bags, I already know and you probably know  Aura, Angel and Alien from Mugler, so this time it was about testing the format and the question “Does it work as well as the regular bottle” Let´s find out…

This new type of brush with synthetic bristles allows an easy and spontaneous application. By developing this travel format, the brand offers consumers a new beauty product to wear. Filled with 7 ml of fragrance, it allows an intuitive application thanks to its dosing system using push buttons: with a single click, it provides the perfect dose of fragrance to any part of the body that the user desires. Its applicator brush is designed with white synthetic bristles, but it could also be developed in other materials, for example, with a flocked or silicone tip, in the future. For Mugler, the pack was developed in aluminum in three different anodized shades using a particularly complex industrial process, and then screen printed in black or white depending on the product. This brush has the added advantage of being rechargeable.

Being rechargeable is a massive plus as generate waste is not cool and Mugler is one of the very few brands in perfume industry that have this option also in their bottles with refills available to purchase too. These brushes can be applied delicately to the pulse points: the back of your wrists, behind the ear, along the neck, WhenI tested the brush I made the mistake to push the buttom many times and created the first mess, start slowly till you find out the right amount for your skin, apply and let it settle down, over do it as I did thinking that I won’t feel the fragrance because trust me you will! it does work perfectly just the same way you would use the perfume from the bottle, So I was wrong this work perfetly well, easy to carry on a bag, you have the option to refill it so is a very nice option.

Mugler Perfuming Brushes are available in Aura, Angel and Alien and cost £26 each.

Have you ever used perfume pencils or brushes before?

Evelin x

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