Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar 2019

mandsLast year I had the chance to get an M&S Beauty advent calendar and there were many things I wasn’t too keen of in the content, this is one of the most over hyped beauty advent calendars, but it’s really worth the money, is it the best option? is it for everyone here we are going to have a deep review of the calendar before the release.

This calendar will be released October 31st, it would cost £40 when you spend £25 on Clothing, Home or Beauty which I don’t know you guys but for me M&S has always been a store for medium/older people and is not so easy to find any nice clothes sometimes they do come with beautiful options for young adults but the prices are expensive, the beauty options are quite limited and the home section is also very limited, plus we all know that prices in M&S are not cheap unless you wait for their sales. I used to shop more often in the groceries section but since they close their store in my city I basically stopped shopping there, I visited the store in Edinburgh to use a gift card I had and took me a good part of my morning to find something interesting or for a young person, I was surprised that in such a big and important city as Edinburgh the options in the shop were so pretty poor.

Now time for the calendar, it comes with 25 products of different brands but quite many are M&S own brands and it’s supposed to have a value of £300

FILORGA NCEF Reverse Multi-correction cream 7ml: I did try Filorga products, it’s a medium/expensive brand and I wasn’t surprised about the results. Compared to the original size and price this would come at £10, very small sample you would get one or 2 uses out of it, clearly with this amount of product you won’t know if the products works or not for you, this is a no from me.

Nails Inc Nail Polish Weekend Millionaire 10ml: This is a full size product and the price is £11 pounds, is a metallic bordeau colour.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm 75ml: This is also a full size product and the price comes to £18, Not sure from which advent calendar I got this last year all I can say is that after many tries it ended up in the bin, tried in so many different ways and it just made my hair looks dirty, when I touch it I had the same feeling when my hair is over dried, doesn’t help with the frizz if you have thick hair it gets even thicker, this is a big no no from me.

Shay & Blue White Peaches Natural Spray Fragrance 10ml: There was a similar option last year, is quite a nice size to carry on a bag, I haven’t tried this fragrance but the few perfumes I have tried from this brand are very strong, sweet concentrated probably is the best word which i personally love but when when it comes to perfume I know many people could be sensitive to strong fragrances. the price compared to the original size is £5.50

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 30ml: Murad is one of my top skincare product brands you cannot get it wrong with them, the size of this product is good enough to give it a proper try and now if you would purchase the regular size. Compared to the regular size price this one comes to £5,70.

NUXE Crème Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Correction Gel Cream 15ml: I didn’t get any results with Nuxe products, for me they have a drugstore quality. Again very small sample that you get enough to know the proper results. Compared to the regular size this would come to £11.06

Emma Hardie Purifying Pink Clay Detox Mask 20ml: A brand that I haven’t tried yet and sometimes from who the hype comes from make me doubt about it,  but open to try it. Small sample again 2 or 3 uses out of it, compared to the resular size this ones comes to £16.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Weightless Shampoo 60ml: I would be open to try this even when my previous experience with the brand was not great, but for a shampoo this is a very small sample. Compared to the regular size this come to £7,60.

PRAI Ageless Throat & Decolletage Night Crème 30ml: I still have the pot I got from last year without open and never tried anything from the brand before, but their target seems to be +50 women. This is a decent sample size, the rpice compared to the regular size is £21.

This Works Sleep Together Calming Spray 75ml: I did get this last year in sample size and is actually in many advent calendars, Many things to be said here, This has a strong lavender smell which is the ones that actually helps to sleep, I did find it nice, relaxing, but I’m not a person with sleeping problems and that have issues to fall asleep so I don’t really need this, other thing the smell I love levender but I know many people don’t or they wouldn’t be happy to have a strong scent in their pillow, so this comes to personal taste personally I don’t need it, this is a full size product and the price is £19,50

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 10ml: I really like this hand cream with a very soft fragrance for dry hands is nice. Very small sample size  you won’t get much uses out of it. The price compared to the regular size in this case comes to £1,43

Pure Super Hydrate Day Cream SPF15 30ml: This is a M&S brand and is not really the best, too greasy and easily can break out any skin, not really a good day cream option. this is a sample product size and compared to the regular size this comes to £6,30.

Beautiful Butters Coconut Body Butter 50ml: Another M&S brand, and this one is a dupe of The Body Shop Coconut body butter eventhe packaging is the same, no idea of the quality. This is sample size and compared to the regular size the price comes to £2

REN V-Cense Night Cream 30ml: I remember getting this one on last year calendar and I didn’t like it, first it smells funny not really very nice just before going to sleep, the texture is also too greasy, haven’t noticed any kind of results, not a product that I would recommend. this is a sample size and compared to the regular one it comes to £21.60

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream 15ml: Another Night cream…from another M&S brand and again I tried and nothing that would make me want to use it again, very small size sample, compared the regular size it comes to £6,90

Formula Absolute Total Lip & Eye 15ml: It supposed to be full size but different packaging, I don’t trust those products that claim to be for eyes and lips and everything basically and I don’t like Formula that much either hmm I would pass with this, the price would be £18

Autograph Luminosity Radiant Skin Primer 15ml Autograph make up unless is the Rosie collection is just bad, this is a M&S brand, and the performance is pretty poor i have tried different types of textures and they just don’t work the quality is quite cheap. This is asample size product and you won’t get much use out of it, compared to the original size this would come to £6

Autograph Kohl Eye Liner: Another Autograph product,  the price would be £7,50

M&S Dual Action Eye Brush: Another M&S product, but a brush is always welcome, the price comes to £6

EYEKO Lash Alert Mascara 4ml: Eyeko mascaras are pretty good, this is a sample size and the price would come to £9

Skyn Iceland Minty Lip Fix With Glacial Water 12ml: Skyn Iceland normally do a spcial edition for this calendar, I still have the one from last year and I don’t like it, it does leave your lips sticky but it doesn’t help at all to keep them moisture for me is a big No, this is full size and would cost £12

STILA Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick 1.5ml: Stila is a good brand but not my cup of tea as I don’t use metallics or glitter that much, and the colour range they normally offer is not for everyone, This is a sample size and the price would come to £8.50

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser with Damask Rose 30ml: Can’t say anything about this brand or product because I didn’teven try the one I got from last year calendar, this is sample size and the prie would come to £4

PUR Afterglow Highlighter 2.5g: I love PUR, this is a vegan make up brand and their product work so nicely and the quality is just there, This is a sample size and the price would come to £6

AVEDA Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair 100ml: If you are a fan of Aveda you might love it, for me it didn’t work but hey is a full size product, and the price is £25

So a conclusion: Practically the same products from last year, not an eciting advent calendar, full of mini sample products that you should get for free at the counter and when you shop. Once again this is a Skincare calendar for +30 or 35 adults I don’t see a young adult getting much advantage of this, many products are M&S brands which I have tried and they are not great. I don’t see any effort in this advent calendar and considering that at the end you have to spend £65 in one way or the other, for sample sizes isnot really worth it. When I do calculate all it comes to a final value of £265.59, now do the calculate of whh product you don’t like or won’t use and in my case it came to £109.18, with the huge offer of Advent Calendars out in the market M&S was left way behind.

If you are interested on this this calendar you can find it HERE