Perfume Review: Angel EDT by Mugler

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Many times I have mentioned that I’m not a fan of flankers and new version of well established fragrances, I mean to make a new version of a well popular perfume it could be tricky and most of the time it goes wrong, not only my perception but also what I heard every time I mingle with the customers, so when Mugler came with this new guy I was a bit scared of what I would find, but even when I liked the previous version and the design of the bottle was stunning, this one managed to become a great option.

Right..something about new fragrances versions is basically an update of a fragrance that was successful a couple of years ago, as you might know or noticed on fragrances is that certain noted become more popular for a certain period or become far more innovative, like today are sea salt, tonka bean, etc so another noted are left behind and get associated with older times. With Angel we do have a special case, love it or hate it this perfume is a classic, women like my mother made it their signature perfume it has a cult around it, but as i said there are women who find it way too strong for them, and that’s when the Eau de Toilette was created, but it was still quite strong for many people, and was a bit masculine too I wasn’t too keen on it.
The new 2019 version has a bottle very similar to the original Angel but it can actually stand, not that I use my perfume as decoration as many people do because I don’t want them to go off soon, they are in a special dark and dry wardrobe, but it looks cute, Now let’s see the notes.

Top Notes: Mandarin and Peony

Heart Notes: Praline, Apple

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Woods

The notes changed quite a lot compared to the previous version, It keeps a good part of the Angel DNA, but it was reinvented to open as fresh sparkling fruity, nothing sharp, the first notes that I noticed was the apple and the berries with a pitch of citrus,so is not really shocking at the first spray after an hour it goes in a sweet direction with the praline and the peony becoming a a not too sweet fruity floral, and which surprised me a lot is the fact that you can actually smell the peony notes, except for the niche perfumerie not many fragrances or brands can get that result, a proper peony note, I love that.I personally don’t use Angel, not because I don’t like it but probably because i feel is more for older women or the fact that is my mom’s number one. But this new version is quite easy to wear for an everyday use, no body at work will hate you for it, Is a young sweet floral fragrance, not that sweetness that would get stuck in your nose. This is a great update of Angel EDT, modern, not so overwhelming, a really great job so if you are an Angel fan try it, if you are one of the many who can’t stand Angel you would be surprised by this one.

Angel Eau de Toilette comes in bottles of 30 ml and 50 ml and is available at the Mugler Website

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Evelin x

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