Harrods Beauty Advent Calendar 2019


One of most luxurious and most expensive advent calendars is here by Harrods, a mix of skincare, perfume and make up, different luxury brands and the big question is if this advent really is worth the money I mean it cost £250 so there is a lot to think about.As I said it will cost £250 pounds and they have 25 products on it, clearly paying £10 per each, so this is the full list of products:

111 SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask, 6ml: 111 Skin is a very nice brand but have tried their face masks before and there is nothing impressive with the results, the retailer price is £12 so not big saving here.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel 2.5ml: Very small sample size of a very average brow gel from Anastasia, not big deal, The price compared with the regular size would be £7,25, very little amount of product.


Aromatherapy AssociatesCity Serenity Bath and Shower Oil, 9ml: Right would you actually pay a crazy amunt of money for a bath and shower oil? and again a very small size you would use this in one shower or bath and you will struggle to take it off from the very small bottle, this is a big no from me, compared to the original size this would come to £14.40.


BECCA Skin Love Primer, 6ml: One of the weakest points from BECCA are the primers, they don’t make your make up last longer and they do nothing for your pores, again extremely small sample just for one use only , compared to the full size it comes to £5,60


BioEffect EGF Serum, 5ml: Never tried this brand or product before so I’m open to do it, the full size product is 15 ml, so I guess you get a bit couple of uses out of this one, the price for this would be £41,66.


Byredo Black Saffron Hand Cream, 30ml: Right this is a full size product, and if you never tried Black Saffron from Byredo be careful, this a very strong leather, tobbacco fragrance so not for everyone taste, it would be like you were holding for a very long time in your hands a leather jacket from a heavy smoker, the price of this one is £29.


By Terry Baume de Rose, 2.3g: This is a travel size, just a simple li balm from By Terry, The price is £14


Decorté Meliority Facial Cream and Eye Cream, 2ml: Never tried anything from Decorte so I would be open to try this, but is a extremely small size so is just for one single use, compared to the full size price this would come to £30


Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Peel x3, 6.6ml: I wasn’t very lucky with Dr Dennis Gross before but I would give this a try, compared to the regular size this would come toa price of £8,70


Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream, 15ml: I heard a lot of good things about this brand so I would like to try the product but very small size again, compared to the regular size this come to £61,50


Dr Sturm Sun Drops, 10ml: A very expensive SPF never tried beforeso would give it a go, compared to the full size this would come to £36,66


Ex Nihilo Fleur Narcotique Candle, 35g: Again would depend if you like Ex Nihilo fragrances, I’m a bit picky with them, this is a very small candle and would come to the price of £8,75.


Foreo Luna Play Fuchsia: I think this was the first device Foreo launched I’m more a fan of the Foreo luna 2 mini as you can change the speed and everything, the cost of this device is £29


Fresh Kombucha Essence, 50ml: An essence is always welcome in any skincare routine so I would like to try it, this is the travel size and cost £28.


Guerlain Abeille Royale Youth Watery Oil, 5ml: A product  that I have tried and is a no, no changes, improvements or anything for such an expensive product would not recommend it at all, the price compared to the full size is £10


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, 1.4g: Hourglass powders are one of the best, very small product though, compared to the full size product this would be £5,88


Huda Beauty Demi Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘Mogul’, 3.6ml: Full size lipstick if you like the colour and never tried huda lipsticks so don’t know what to expect, the price for it is £18


Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Amethyst, 1g: this a product for the eyes smaller than the full size soit would cost £15


Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment, 28g: I tried this product before and didn’t see any change with my hair, very small sample size for one use, compared to the regular size this would cost £4,56


NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, 2ml: Tried and again didn’t work there are better eyeshadow primers in the market so is a no, prize compared to the regular size £6


Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye, 4ml: I can see this advent calendar has a lot of eye creams which kinda put me off, never tried this brand so I would give it a go, compared to the regular size this would come to £28.96


Omorovicza Blue Diamond Concentrate, 5ml: Another product I didn’t try but I did try few from this brand that I didn’t like still compared to the regular size the price of this one would be £49,16


Penhaligons Halfeti EDP, 5ml: I haven’t reviewed Penhaligons but again fragranes are not for everyone, this is a very small size compared to the regular one would be £8,65


Sensai Absolute Silk Cream, 15ml: Never tried anything from Sensai so would be a nice thign sto discover compared to the full size this would be £54,37


Valmont Moisturising Eye-C Gel, 5ml: I did try few products from Valmont and they are freaking good but again a lot of eye creams. compared to the full size products this would come to £57


After doing the numbers we can say this calendar has a real value of £584,10, so the saving is of £334, if I have to choose the products that actually worth paying for and the ones which are not worth the value drops to £341.

The problem i noticed is too many face creams, too many eye creams, very small sample sizes so won’t be able to say if a cream works or not you will be only available to try the txture and the same feelings of getting a sample from the store counter, I feel like is very unfair to pay for samples that brands should provide to promote their products, I don’t pretend full size products but at least bigger sizes, £250 is way too much money for the amount you geti know it has many expensive brands but from 2 or 6 gr I can’t test well enoug if a product if worth paying for full size in the future.

In case you are interested the calendar would be avilable since the 1rst of October HERE