ASOS Face + Body Advent Calendar 2019


A bit way too early for advent calendars I know…but companies and brands keep pushing earlier and earlier each year, all I can say is that some of these calendars are great others are ok and other are just not worth the money, but today I wanted to share with you the one launched by ASOS and have a look at the content so yo can decide if it  fits your needs or not.

The ASOS Face + Body Advent calendar 2019 doesn’t really look festive at all, I wasn’t lucky to be sent the calendar this year so I don’t have it my hands to say how is the quality of the box, which it looks nice like something you can re use instead of going straight to the bin which it happends when we are finished with an advent calendar. It comes with 25 products and the price is £70, it increased pretty much compared to last yearwhen it was £55 and then reduced to £44. I have tried before few of the products on this calendar so let’s have a look.

1 x Clinique All About Eyes 15ml: This is a full size product that would be £27.50, there is a lot of rave about this eye cream, but after finishing a pot I didn’t noticed anything wow about it, dark circles still there, didn’t moisture enough the area, it dries very quickly, doesn’thelp with the tired feeling in the eyes, certainly there are far better eye creams in the market today butI know there is a cult that use only clinique so is up to you.

1 x YES TO Travel pack of 10 wipes (scent may vary): I normally like everything by Yes To but their wipes are just terrible, they are too dry, you need a bunch of them to remove make up, plus how many times we spoke about wipes not been proper cleansers all what you do is move all the dirtiness around your face plus you donät help the planet generating more rubbish. It only comes with ten whipes, the regular package comes with 30 and they cost around £3 pounds. So this a big no from me.
1 x Clarins My Clarins Sleep Mask Mini 15ml: Haven’t tried Clarins skincare in a while but the few times I did I got one very well, this is clearly a mini and you would get 2 or 3 uses max from this, comparing to the normal size and the price this would cost £7,20 not bad I guess, I would like to try it before investing in the full size.

1 x Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder 9.3g: Well this is obviously a very popular loose setting power this is a mini version, comparing the the price and size of the regular one this would come to a cost of £9,30.

1 x Dr Jart Ceramidin Facial Mask Full Size: Dr Jart has very nice products but their masks….Itried them some of them even make my skin break out other didn’t do anything, Not a product that I would recommend. The cost of this mask is £5,50.

1 x Rituals Holi Body Cream 100ml: This is a tricky one, this a full size product, but with rituals first if you have a sensitive nose you won’t enjoy this, second.. even when as a perfume reviewer I’m very open to fragrances many of rituals ones managed to put me off,  certainly you need to go to a store and try their products to decide, not recommended for a blind purchase. the price of this is £6.90

1 x Emma Hardie Protect & Primer SPF 30 15ml: Never tried anything from Emma Hardie so not saying anything, still a useful product, this a mini and you would get 2 or 3 uses out of it, compared to the original size and the price of this would cost £13.50

1 x Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Masque 30ml: I have tried this before from an advent calendar actually and didn’t work actually left my hair even worst, specially if you have dry hair this product does absolutly nothing to the point that it ended up on the being after the second use, this mini version would cost £4.95

1 x OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel 30ml: Never tried but heard good things about Oskia so it’s a product I would try, I mean a cleansing gel is a product that we use at least twice a day so is more than welcome. This is almost full size as the regular one is 35 ml so let’s say is £14

1 x Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Full Size: A so popular brand, never tried anything from Ordinary but just like Clinique they have they their faithful cult, an hyaluronic acid is better to use it during the winter season so I would give it a go, very cheap £6.

1 x First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser 56.7g: I did get this one in last year calendar, is a very thick texture and a bit hard to rinse off there are many things I love from this brand but this one is a pass. This a mini and compared to the regularthe price would be £7,60.

1 x Sand & Sky Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment 10g: Very small sample size of an over hyped brand I tried before, not bad but not good either just an average over priced product, would I recommend it? No save your pennies, compared to the full size product this would cost £3,90

1 x Spectrum Mini A10 Fan Brush in Pink: I used to have Spectrum brushes because they look cute but they are not really the best compared to other brands like Real Techniques, Ecotools, Revolution etc, this would cost around £10.

1 x This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 10ml: I received this last year, and it actualy works you get a better rest when you spray this on your pillow, obviosuly if you don’t like the smell of lavender then is a no, but I loved it, The price for this would be £2,40

1 x  NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (shade: Train Bleu or Intriguing): With Nars I know there are many people that get on very well with their products and others like me that didn’t work or is ok but not to pay their expensive prices, I actually have a couple of those lip pencils and sorry buddy you are not good enough for me, also the colour range on lips is a very personal thing would you really use any of those colours?.  Not sure if it’s full size so itmight be £22

1 x Crayola Face Crayon Full Size (colour may vary): These crayola face crayon are so oily and with a non so wearable colour range, It’s a pass for me as I’m really picky and exigent with make up and colours. it would cost £9 pounds

1 x Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream 30ml: Many were craving about this cream, I tried twice and for combination and oily it could be a mess even when the texture looks very light, texture feels good, results none, obviously is a good chance to try it considering the price of the calendar. The price would be 52,20.

1 x Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste: A fancy £10 toothpaste, many people would say why the f… do I get this? Well all your beautiful make up, skin and fancy clothes can go straight to the bin as soon as you smile or open your mouth and people notice awful teeth and bad breath, teeth are very important health and beauty wise, never tried this brand before but certainly for the price and that I take care of smile I would try it.

1 x Becca First Light Priming Filter 15ml: Very small sample size of a very poor product from Becca, right it does give some sort of glow but nothing amazing, it doesn’t do absolutly anything for your pores as primer is really bad, is a bit greasy for combination oily skin would end up beign a mess, the primer is about the texture and the glow, failed giving a proper texture and the glow and then make it my make up last longer is just meh, sorry is a No, this would cost £15

1 x Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Au Naturel Full Size: I’m not a big fan of Sleek palettes, they are ok if you on a budget but when I see them on advent calendars I just know is a cheap filling as sleek is a super affordable brand, I would pass. £9

1 x ORIGINS Super Spot Remover Full Size: You never get it wrong with Origins, but this is not a product for everyone, just the ones who struggle with prone skin, acne, etc but if you don’t have spots? This is a 10 ml product that would cost £16

1 x Wet Brush Mini Original Detangler: I have 3 hair brushes why would I need another one? just count how many do you have and see if it works or not for you. £11

1 x Mane & Tail Shampoo and Conditioner Duo 57g each: I have tried this brand before and it doesn’t receive the hype it deserves but is a extremely affordable brand like very drugstore brand so these samples would cost pennies, also they are very small and the last thing I want is to be fighting in the shower trying to get the product out of the mini bottles, between the two products makes a total of £2,24

1 x Philip Kingsely Daily Damage Defence 60ml: Another product I tried and ended up on the bin, made my hair look dirty it over dry it, awful to touch it after I apply this product aghh is a big no no from me. £6

If we do all the number we come to a value of £274,19 which means that we would save £204,19 that’s actually a good deal but then taking off the products I personally wouldn’t use or are not worth the money it comes to £158,10 and still left many that I didn’t enjoy before. With this you can choose what you fancy and what not and calculate to decide if this advent calendar is for you or not.

I did prefer the one from last year, it was far more useful products, better brands and the price of the calendar was also hard to compare to the rest, this year it doesn’t kill me for 70£ considering that other calendars came with similar prices and nicer products to try, I would only get it if the price get reduced.

In case you are fancy it, you can find the ASOS Face + Body Advent Calendar Here