Perfume Review: Alien Fusion by Mugler


After releasing few collectables Mugler started the year with a new member of the Alien family, I’m talking about Alien Fusion, a floral-sweet Eau de Parfum which seems to be an Alien spring/summer option with that hint of fresh ginger for other it would be suitable for colder months, everything comes to personal taste and skin type, if your is quite tricky with perfumes performance and longevity then this one would suit you perfectly. A new addiction for the Alien lovers and a good chance to make it up for the ones who are not fans of it.

Let’s remember the notes of the original Alien so it would be easier to spot differences and similarities: Jasmine Sambac, Cashmere and Ambar. and now the notes of the new Alien Fusion:

  • Top Notes: Ginger, Cinnamon
  • Heart Notes: Tuberose, Orange Blossom
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, White Amber

Reading the notes is one thing and testing the actual perfume is different, but clearly we can see a huge difference between each other. I tested it on blotters and different types of skin and one thing I could easily notice was the quality of the ingredients, I have to admit that when I saw the bottle I though “Please don’t be synthetic” but no, the quality is there. The first test in a blotter showed a light medium fragrance with great sillage and that managed to stay on the paper for a couple of days, at the beginning I could easily notice the spicy cinnamon drying down beautifully to the tuberose a bit orangie but that much, I didn’t detect the vanilla that much as the amber really take the job to make the fragrance settle down.

The skin performance was a bit different, it doesn’t have that sharpness entrance of the Alien EDP, is actually softer and creamier, the ginger now felt much more than the cinnamon, drying down with the tuberose  makes a lovely sweet spicy and fresh with a big presence of amber once it settles, I hardly noticed the Alien DNA. Sillage wise is medium and long lasting, you can feel it but it would not make anyone nauseous about it after a while. When it comes to longevity is pretty good, applied and still there after 12 hours without re apply, actually during the day is nice to smell how it changes (in a good way).

If you ask for my personal opinion, looking at the notes I wouldn’t feel tempted but is something different compared to the last releases in perfumes, it has a good performance and longevity, is totally different from Alien EDP, which is something I like, because if I wanted Alien with 2 or 3 different notes but still smelling the same then I would just go for the original version. I appreciate the quality on the ingredients as many luxury brands lately are using so much synthetic ones. Is long lasting good choice for people like me who hates having to carry perfume in the bag and having to re apply.

So yes I would recommend it, if you can test it do it.

Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum comes in 30 ml and 60 ml and is available at Mugler Website

Hope you enjoyed the post

Love x