Cetraben, Natural Oatmeal Cream


This is basically the cream that you will find moving around all my house, since I got in my PR I was very curious about it as has oats as main ingredient which I love due to the great benefits not only internally but also external. Cetraben brings the Natural Oatmeal Cream which is basically a Body Cream but funny enough it can work on the face but I will tell you more now.

I do have quite sensitive skin, on my face is oily but the rest of my body is dry as the desert and my skin tends to get itchy and if I put a wrong cream it just get all red, my big issue is keeping it moisture, so I have to re apply all the time and is annoying to do it plus the greasy sensation later. So since I tried this body cream, I just didn’t stop using it, what I noticed was:

  • It did keep my skin moisture longer than normal
  • After the application the itchiness was gone
  • It can be easily use on prone skin and eczema
  • It’s easy to apply as is not greasy
  • Didn’t get any bad reaction
  • My skin became very soft

I think is a great,healthy and affordable option for people who struggle with dry and senstive skin, I also applied on my face after one foundation caused me a bad reaction and my face was all red like burning, it helped to get it back to the normal condition.

If very dry skin is your problem I would truly recommend it, You can find it at Boots

Hope you enjoyed the post

Love x