MAC, Studio Waterweight Foundation


It has been a while since the last time I used a MAC foundation and normally would be the classics from the brand so when I saw this I noticed I have never tried it before and the name really caught my attention, I’m talking about the Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation. I said many times down here I do have normally oily skin except on winter that could actually turn into dry, another thing I always say is that I hate cakey make up and how I see on the street and even beauty consultants wear an overdose of high coverage foundation, no, no, no. Many of you would say “Elle I want full coverage because I have bad skin, I have acne, rosacea or any other issue” great you can get a full coverage but without making so obvious to others eyes, plus there is nothing more annoying of that heavy foundation sensation on your face, well here we have one solution.

Waterweight has a very interesting formula, because you can manage to get a nice high coverage without need to apply alotof product, but!…you would not feel it, I mean is like you would not have anything in your face, no heavy sensation, no greasy,  no “mask sensation” and still is full coverage and quite long lasting.


I guess this would be one most used during the summer time as honestly sometimes my foundation starts to melt away because of warm weather and my oily skin, terrible mix.

So as I said before this has a SPF 30, very friendly with any type of skin, didn’t oxidate at all, it didn’t got stuck on fine lines or made my skin look older, actually it gies quitea natural young fresh look, which is tricky because normally is not the type of finish a full coverage gives so again is the mix of the light formula with high coverage.

I have to admit this is one of the best foundations I have tried in a while and having such a complex skin and being so picky with the natural non cakey coverage this a huge goal so yes I would totallt recommend it.

You can get the MAC Waterweight Foundation HERE

Love xoxo