Valmont, Perfecting Powder Cream Foundation


Less is more, from the “No Make up Make up” to the Glass Skin many women realise that looking natural and fresh could be far nicer than the diva look, because is not nice when you can notice the excess of foundation from meters away, and far more important a natural makeup would make you look far younger and would help also a lot to keep your skin younger but not all foundations do that that’s why today I want to share the one I have been loving lately and is the Perfecting Powder Cream by Valmont.

Founded in the crystal clear mountains of Switzerland,Valmont Skincare harnesses the power of Swiss Glacial Water and bio active ingredients, cultivated from the brand’s personal Phyto-Alpine Garden in the village of Vens, this is mostly a skincare brand which by experience I could say these type of brands tend to create make up far more friendly with the health of our skin. Valmont is a luxury brand so I could imagine this is a luxury product in quality and price wise.

The Perfecting Powder Cream Foundation is available at Harrods and Lookfantastic, it comes in 4 different shades which are mostly light skin tones, probably one of the weak points of this product as it could be difficult to match your colour. It comes in a case and you can re purchase the refill similar to many cushion foundations. The texture of the product is hard to explain because is not cushion, is not liquid but neither solid like powder foundation this is more like a mousse which I actually found very nice when it comes to apply because you can get that glass skin effect with one lay without needed to do a lot and if you want to build it up to get a high coverage is also very quickly to get but Ido have to admit i’m not a big fan of using the sponge I replace it for a beautyblender or brush. Surprised me that is lasted long hours, I have combination skin and after a couple of hours foundations tend to melt down and becomes an awful shinny greasy mess. This one instead stayed on place it didn’t melt I have used it with and without powder and the results were similar, light and stay in place for several hours.


(As you can see the tone “Warm beige” is a bit dark for my skin so I use it when I have a bit of a tan)

The product itself has 10 gr and if you expect to give it a daily light use it can actually last quite long, another thing very important if you have very sensitive and reactive skin, this foundation is didn’t clog my pores and it doesn’t oxidate. Another good thing is I hardly use setting powder with this foundation, maybe a setting mist I don’t feel like I need it because it actually stay on the skin and I don’t struggle to take it off at the end of the day.

It’s pricey I have to say but Valmont is a luxury brand and for being antiage and friendly for a everyday use I think it fine, to get a real glass skin you need well selected products and the foundation is vital, and this is a good option.

Love xoxo