Carolina Herrera, Good Girl

Good girl_Carolina Herrera_MamáFashionista_05

“A woman can conquer the world with the right shoes.” From here comes the inspiration of Good Girl, I have to admit the bottle makes a huge marketing buying decision specially for blind purchases a clear example is my mom that wanted the perfume only for the bottle, the question is …Does really worth adding this to my collection?Personally I have never had any disappointment with Carolina Herrera Fragrances, they are unique, they have personally, not only on the notes but also with the names and the bottle designs and even their masculine fragrances are a bit of my favourite (you know I’m really picky with men perfumes).

Starting with the packaging is already different, the box has that velvety effect to the touch, the bottle is just divine but i have to admit I always have to be careful with it because it doesn’t really stand up so I know it’s lovely to be on the table but avoid a disgrace is better to don’t let it rest on the heel.


I would describe this perfume as sweet but sensual, its output notes, which are what you perceive first but its duration is 30 minutes, are almond and lemon, the heart notes, which are those that contain essential oils and have a duration of 4 hours, are jasmine and tuberose and its base notes that are responsible for fixing the perfume to the skin, depend on the pH and hydration of the person to last between 8 and 24 hours, are the tonka bean and the cocoa.

So it’s only a nice bottle? NO, is a nice bottle with a sweet and very sexy fragrance for the winter time. I tried to find any similar fragrances but I have never smelt anything similar before not even inside the Carolina Herrera fragrances, it does stay a very long time in the skin without becoming overwhelming, I found it very friendly to different skin pH as I sprayed it in a couple of friends to the test it and it could smell different but always lovely not like other perfumes that in one skin smell divine and in others awful.

I really enjoyed this perfume and yes I would totally recommend to give it a try.

You can find Carolina Herrera, Good Girl in different sizes HERE