Shu Uemura Art Of Hair: Ultimate Reset Collection


As I said many times I have big issues with my hair as it’s very thick with a lot of damage (extreme) at the same time I have very sensitive scalp so I have to be careful with my hair care, so this time I have been using the whole Ultimate Reset Collection from Shu Uemura which is the latest from the brand for very damaged hair so I was very keen to try it out. One of the key ingredients from Ultimate Reset is Rice, for centuries, Japanese women have looked to rice for its immense beautifying powers. Referred to as “nuka biji”, or “beautiful by the rice” Japanese women cherish rice’s ability to hydrate and protect the hair. Enriched with minerals, antioxidants, and B and E vitamins, rice is renowned for its protecting and moisture retaining properties. Harvested in Hyogo, Japan, is rice of the highest polished quality, raised by an eco-friendly duck-cultivation system which maintains purity and ensures maximum natural benefits and enriched with hydrating Coconut Oil.

This collection is quite complete as we have shampoo, conditioner, mask and double serum:



I was really surprise by the performance of this, having a lot of hair I would normally need to apply a lot of product or doing 2 shampoos, this one actually was good enough with a little amount so it lasts quite long, I haven’t had any issues with my scalp it was perfectly clean and for several days (I wash my hair 3 times a week) it actually felt silky and soft with no frizz and no need to fight with knots, if you have very damaged hair and you try a product that is just the right one you would actually feel the change while you are actually washing it, I actually saw the big change on my hair after using this shampoo.

The Ultimate Reset Shampoo comes in a 300 ml 



I have to admit that the shampoo already leaves my hair pretty well but is always good to fight any frizz and extra volume pretty common with a very damaged hair, so as finished every wash with the conditioner and works lovely leaving a healthy silky hair very easy to comb and work with it.

The Ultimate Reset Conditioner comes in a 250 ml 



This is a good option as treatment to recover a destroyed hair, I used it once a week and it actually helps a lot and gives a massive plus on what it looked to be a long way or hair recovery, it’s always a good idea to give that extra.

The Ultimate Reset Masque comes in a 200 ml



Finally we have a hair serum, I do use both ways wet and dry hair, depending on what I plan to do with my hair, if I want to use my natural waves I just apply it after my shower, if  use any tools to give other type of shape I use it after to avoid the frizz and control the excess of volume I have , it does work divine, is not sticky, greasy or too heavy texture.

My personal experience with the whole Ultimate Reset Collection was pretty good, I really enjoyed how it worked with my hair and that it actually went very well with my scalp, so if you hair is going though hard times, I would these products a go.