Marc Jacobs: Leopard Frost Collection

Marc Jacobs came up with a new collection: Leopard Frost, a series of icy finishes, the high impact pigment products feature five shades of the Le Marc Lip Frost, as well as a limited edition Eye-Conic Frost eyeshadow palette with shades like burgundy, blue and gold for creating both day and night glam. Arriving with an ultra-sleek packaging emblazoned with an eye-catching leopard print.

The collection as I mentioned before has one eye palette and five lipsticks on it, it has a retro touch between the animal print and the colours eyeshadows and lipsticks have. It’s exclusive to Harvey Nichols, the palette was sold but is back in stock again, so do not miss this chance.



Flamboyant is the name of this lovely palette mix of methalics and mattes, the desing of the packaing is the classic shape of all MJB palettes, but instead of black this one has animal print on it, Texture wise it reminds me of the old Lolita palette I used to have, creamy, non chalky at all, lovely to blend, obviously this is mostly for the ones that like the frost look, that even for me it’s a bit tricky to get it right, but without a doubt it looks beautiful. I have seen other similar palettes fromother luxury brands that are releasing their fall and christmas collection and honestly they are not that great, they have frost but way too complicated to apply or blend way too much pigmentation, and this one is just in the point, all what you need in a little palette. One of the best in Autumn Makeup Releases.

Leopard Frost Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette: £39 (Exclusive to Harvey Nichols)





Just to finish with this stunning small collection, the lipstick side has 5 different colours, i only have one “Just Peachy”, I have to admit shimmering lipstick are not my cup of tea but I found out that when they are the right shades, like no crazy colors, they actually suit very well, like classy but different without needing to use just a nude or matte, you have a nude shimmer that really would look delicate. this is the first time I tried Marc Jacobs lipticks and really love how creamy the formula is, nice pigmentation, a good options to get out of the hundreds of red that the rest of luxury brands are showing up right now.

Le Marc Leopard Frost Lip Crème Lipstick: £25 each (Exclusive to Harvey Nichols)

Something I like about Marc Jacobs Beauty is the fact that they never cup with super crazy collections, like colours and things you would never actually use or buy, they keep it fresh, simple and classy and I believe this is why MJ managed to be on the top ten in the beauty industry.

Love xoxo