Thalgo: Collagène Cream & Concentrate


The past weeks I have been using two products from the Collagène Collection from Thalgo a French luxury marine cosmetic brand, Thalgo formulas are kind to skin and the environment: Do not contain parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, GMOs or ingredients of animal origin (Except beeswax and collagen) I think this is wonderful for having a healthy and safe skin care routine in a long basis and it was on the reasons I wanted to try the brand as my skin is sensitive and tends to react quite badly to nasty chemicals.

Collagène is a +25 collection, a very good option for young skin that desires a a good care products with deeper ingredients to avoid wrinkles and fine lines once the skin gets older.

My skin as I commented in other posts is Combination/oily during the warmer months and combination/normal during the winter although if it’s very cold it could get dry, so basically I look for a gentle texture serums and cream to leave my skin moisture without leaving it oily. Just after I double cleanse, apply a toner and sometimes I add an essence, I used these two products in the following sequence:


thalgo uk


This is a serum is formulated with an ultra-high concentration of Marine Collagen that helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, i have to admit that I cannot judge that as probably my skin is still very young and I don’t have them, but it helped to improve some pigmentation problems I normally have because of the sun and some strange darker marks that come and go, I noticed my skin healthier and with a lovely glow after the first 2 weeks of use and on the immediate effects it leaves a velvety effect on the skin, this is the type of product that you notice the difference when you start using it and when you stop, truly love it.

  • Type: Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Mature Skin / Anti-Ageing
  • Action: Concentrate
  • Needs: First Wrinkles
  • Size: 30 ml





Sometimes it happens that even when a cream is recommended for normal and dry skin, the texture is so gentle and light that it melts into the skin giving a proper moisture and wonderful healthy look without leaving it greasy, this can be used day and night as the texture is glorious, very friendly with foundation is case you apply make up on top of it. Results wise again I have no wrinkles or fine lines, but my skin was smooth and silky while I used, very friendly with sensitive skin that tend to break out.

  • Type: Dry Skin, Normal Skin
  • Action: Cream
  • Needs: First Wrinkles
  • Size: 50 ml


Right now I’m also trying a SPF 50 of Thalgo that I will review pretty soon, and again the experience with this brand was pretty postive, very happy with the high quality, the ingredients. Also I quite like the selection of products by all skin needs including body needs. I really enjoyed using these products as they get on very well with my complicated skin so I would truly recomend to try them or have a look at Thalgo website because their selection is giant and for everyone.

Love xoxo