Perfume Review: Rêve d’Infini by Lalique


A fragrance that probably became one of my all time favourites is Rêve d’Infini from Lalique, I’m a total fan of their art pieces but for some reason never really paid attention to the perfume collection. 

Sparkling, sensuous and colorful, Rêve d’Infini celebrates the eternal feminine with a bouquet of fresh flowers. To compose it, the perfumer Richard Ibanez has selected a refined palette of delicate natural ingredients. Pure, shimmering bergamot lights up the tangy flesh of a rose-scented lychee. Freesia, whose fragrance blends the nectar of fruit with the headiness of jasmine, introduces the floral heart of Rêve d’Infini. A heart in which the very symbol of femininity blooms: an elegant rose absolute, softened by a satiny, freshly picked peach, and bolstered by forceful cedar wood. A silky dry-down of vanilla, musks and sandalwood prolongs this subtle harmony of accords which, from flower to tree by way of fruit, evokes the eternal cycle of life…


  • TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lychee, Freesia
  • HEART NOTES: Rose Absolute, Cedar Wood, Peach
  • BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Musks, Sandalwood

This Eau de Parfum is totally underrated, I haven’t smelt anything similar before, a true sweet fruity floral that manage to stay in skin for several hours without being so overwhelming,  perfect for Spring and Fall,  The first impression i got from it was clearly the Bergamot with Lychee, dry to a Peachy Freesia and ended up settle down vanilla sandalwood.

Is a tricky fragrance that many people try to find a similar one but they tend to fail to compare it as most of them are close but even similar. truly gorgeous. the bottle design obviously carries the elegance and good taste of the house Lalique.

Anyone who wants a different perfume piece should definitely try this one.

Love xoxoo