Michael Kors: Sexy Ruby


Inspired by the unique link between seduction, strength and glamour where fantasy meets femininity and a woman is her sexiest. Boldly luxurious, brilliantly faceted, and
glamorously mesmerizing.
“Sexy Ruby is the story of strong women. Women who know what they want and go after it,” says Michael Kors. Sexy Ruby entices you to enter her world and Magnify Your Sexy. Look through the reflections of the ruby crystal and discover a new side of seduction. More confident. More daring. More alluring than ever before.
A scent as brilliant as the jewel that inspired it. Michael Kors Sexy Ruby is a fruity chypre that sparkles with fiery sensuality. The fragrance opens with the temptation of juicy raspberry and Apricot, the smell of the freshly cut apricot, half of the entire fruit, from the Languedoc Roussillon region in France.
Enigmatically alluring scarlet gemstones come to life through a striking display of luscious rose petals that combine with the apricot to be reminiscent of the softness of skin. The dry-down notes fuse to form show-stopping textures. Moss crystal creates depth by contrasting sparkling with dark. The exotically-feminine Indian jasmine sambac envelops the warmth of cashmere woods for an addictive experience that explores this seductive duality.


  • TOP NOTES: Raspberry, Apricot, Davana, Pepper
  • HEART NOTES: Orange Blossom Absolute, Indian Jasmine Sambac, Rose Petals
  • BASE NOTES: Moss Crystal, Cashmere Woods, Vanilla Bean


Sexy Ruby is the kind of fragrance I would recommend to people who have issues with the duration on their skin and need an option that would really settle down, a bit strong and citrus in the first minutes, and the fruity sweet shows, it does really change from person to person so my biggest suggestion is to try it on skin.

This is a truly Autumn-Winter fragrance and is a bit strong so only one spray is enough otherwise would suffocate yourself, it did go very well with my skin as I said many times Is hard forme to find long lasting perfumes to avoid carrying a bottle on my bag. Quite lovely, different compared to Wonderlust for example.

Love xoxo