Perfume Review: Aura Eau de Toilette by Mugler

If we talk about someone who always makes a revolution on the fragrance world most perfumers would say “Mugler” specially when the brand creates a new family is like something that we have never smell before, that was the case of “Angel” when it was released for a very first time. The original Aura was released last year, but I haven’t tried it yet and even when I know the notes as a reviewer nose I only talk about what I have tested because as you might know, perfumes are tricky.


Designed by Thierry Mugler, the emblematic Aura heart-shaped bottle is
faceted like a jewel and set with a metallic M. It represents one of the most universal
symbols of life, the heart, in a luminescent shimmering green colour. The colour of luck,
hope and intuition evoking the radiant freshness of Aura. What can I say, is even totally different from the rest of Mugler perfumes, I have seen greenish bottles but not this deep green with a gorgeous heart shape, I mean is just a heart but different and it really transmit the concept of the perfume


Haven’t tried the original Aura EDP so even when I know the notes is not right for a nose to judge a fragrance without testing it. This new Aura is a green floral, I would say is more fresh than sweet.

THE INSTINCTIVE HEART: The backbone of the fragrance, it embodies the encounter
between the plant and the animal worlds. It evokes the connection with one’s inner nature, instinct and senses. Just like the Eau de Parfum, this accord contains an overdose of TIGER LIANA essential oil. Faceted and mysterious, tiger liana creates surprise through its almond, sugary and smoky notes, with an animal-like character.

THE FLORAL HEART: Radiant and fruity, the floral heart evokes the discovery of a luminous
new horizon full of promise and possibility, at the edge of this mysterious place. This
accord is illuminated by the juicy, crisp notes of PEAR EXTRACT with soft, green accents,
combined with the floral aromas of HIBISCUS SEEDS.

THE ANIMAL HEART: A sensual heart with voluptuous roundness, it blends sophisticated and velvety accents with the sensual and tender notes of WHITE VANILLA TAHITENSIS, a new variation of vanilla, with milky, honeyed and spicy facets. It subdues the animalistic nature of WOLFWOOD and echoes the velvety facets of iris root.

This fragrance is something totally different of what we have seen from the Maison Mugler, I like it but I would prefer the perfume to be a bit more intense as in my type of skin it disappear in one hour which is a shame because is actually something that smell really nice and hard to find someone else on the street wearing something similar. I would highly recommend it for people with sensitive nose or someone who likes a very gentle and soft fragrance.

Love xoxo