Kure Bazaar: 3 Colour Options & TopDry Finish


During the past weeks I have been testing many nail polishes, one of the brands I tested and loved without a doubt is Kure Bazaar, a luxury and 85% natural origin brand with a selection of colours incredible stunning.

This is a young brand that focused their products on more ethical values: Is Cruelty Free and 10 Free, which it means that their products have NO: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, triphenyl phosphate and parabens, fragrance, animal ingredients. The 85% natural origin formula is based on cotton, wheat, corn, potatoes and wood pulp. These toxic free products wuld help not only to have a nice manicure but also to keep the nails healthy.
The colour range asI said is really mixed and on different types, duration wise, it lasted a week on my case without the Topdry Finish and way more days when I applied it. the finish is very shiny like Gel Nail polishes, when it comes to remove they don’t demand too much work and they dont leave the nail dark or messy with darker colours.




For a very long time I wanted a grey but didn’t find exactly what I wanted till I found “Cashmere” a stunning middle grey that would go perfect for the autumn/winter season. A very classy colour easy to use even for an office.



The rose gold came to stay for good, a very delicate metallic rose, I quite liked the quality of this one after 2 lays it was perfectly built while with other nail polishes you need to do a lot of work to leave the this metallic finish polishes like real metallics.



I love red nails, especially when the red is an actual RED, not orange or blueish, a proper strong red that scared away the “envy”, I truly fell in love with this colour, so shiny and colourful.
And to “Finish” I tried the TopDry Finish and I was surprised how long my nails stayed immaculate when I applied this little guy, with Kure Bazaar nail polishes is not necessary as they last quite long by themselves but if you have another ones that are not really great, then you can use this topdry finish to make them last.
Kure Bazaar is quite used on manicure salons, but is also available to buy in several retailers, I really suggest to try them and see the gorgeous colour selection they have, and if you have really weak nails and can’t stand most of the other products, try with this one, it really keep them healthy.
Love xoxo