Perfume Review: Twilight Shimmer by Michael Kors


One fragrance that blowed up my mind this years is without a doubt Twilight Shimmer from Michael Kors, a limited edition totally different of the regular fragrances selection from Michael Kors, this oriental vanillic fruity opens with lush red and violet fruits led by delicious plum.
Sensual oud conjures the mysteriousness of nightfall. Swirls of rich smoke and nuances of dark wood are unleashed while a rich praline base sweetens the fragrance with sumptuous warmth.

  • Top Notes: Plum, Clary Sage, Mandarin
  • Mid Notes: Oud Laos Firbest, Patchouli, Papyrus
  • Base Notes: Praline, Ambrarome, Helvetolide Musk

As I said this is a limited edition EDP which is just a shame as the fragrance is gorgeous. Very long lasting and different, I only noticed another similar perfumes but way more expensive like Jo Malone or Tom Ford.

The design of the bottle is also quite lovely, the deep violet-hued bottle is illuminated by shimmering gold accents that gradiate from the top of the glass downward. The striking gold Michael Kors logo contrasts with the purple backdrop to exude the sense of luxury
and glamour that defines Michael Kors.

Even when this fragrance has been released during the summer season, it fits perfectly for autumn and winter time,if you love vanilla in your perfume then you should totally go for this one!


Love xoxo