Hair Routine with Neäl & Wolf


My hair has always been one of my biggest issues during my life, frizzy, gets damaged very easily, thick. Is really hard to keep my wild hair in proper conditions and healthy so that’s why I decided to give it a go to this brand I wanted to try for a while: Neäl & Wolf

First let’s see what the brand’s philosophy is:

“At Neal & Wolf we believe it’s just as important for you to know what’s not included in our products as what is. Here are some of the ‘everyday’ chemicals we’ve left out of our hair care and styling products. It isn’t official whether these substances are cause for concern or not, but we thought it best to leave them out ‘Just in case.’


Is a foam stabiliser, this means it reduces bubble size and makes the foam stable, more creamy and aesthetically pleasing to consumers. This is used in many shampoos as a foaming agent, but is also a known skin irritant. It is only a potential risk however Neal & Wolf have decided to formulate away from it, just in case.


A very powerful detergent that cuts grease and makes our soap and shampoo foamy giving soaps their soapiness. SLES, SLS and ALS are all very inexpensive and they are the reason that our soaps and shampoos have lather, which is caused by a foaming agent. The concern about sulfates is that they have been linked as a major skin irritant associated with potential hair loss as well as them being a potential carcinogen.


Another chemical that is used to kill bacteria on the hair. Triclosan manufacturing process can also create dioxin, a powerful hormone disrupter that can have long-term health effects.”

I selected 4 products to try and create a everyday hair routine and then checkout the results, so here I share with you how was my routine and how the products turned out.





Both products belong to the Harmony range, which includes a combination of nutrient-rich camellia seed oil and argan oil, for incredible shine, and silk protein complex, which is proven to provide moisture from within.

We start the routine with the shampoo, I quite liked how clean leaves the scalp and the hair, that fresh sensation instead of that greasy feeling that some other products cannot do. I know when a shampoo is great if it doesn’t leave a dry and rough feeling on it or doesn’t end up all tangled, while I washed my hair I already felt it soft and had no need to untangle it, the shampoo is a Yes!.

The intensive care treatment, is more like a powerful conditioner, the way to use is after the shampoo, apply it over the middle and ends and let it work for a couple of minutes, then rinse like a regular conditioner. One tip I have for this product, if its possible to wash your hair on a sink, then apply the intensive care treatment, cover with a plastic bag or aluminum paper and apply heat with a towel, (would be great to have around one of those electrical caps) let’s stay a couple of minutes and then jump into the shower, this way the product is way more effective and the results are far better.



The Smoothing Blow Dry Balm is perfect for blow-dry and get a straight frizz free hair,  first we need to towel dry the hair and then apply the product that at the same time would work as thermal protection and hair dryer and a brush get a very nice straight hair look of even work to get weaves without frizz. It worked very well for me even that i’m really bad straightening my hair with brushes.




Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil is a blend of three natural oils: Argan; Avocado and Jojoba, designed to transform rough, unruly hair into more healthy looking, smooth and nourished hair. Provides shine and helps to protect against UV damage.  Apply a small amount of this oil to clean, damp hair and style as desired, this is what I normally do when Im too lazy to straight my hair but still need to avoid the frizz, so once my hair is dry it get some lovely beachy waves. Alternatively apply the oil to dry hair to give  finish to your look.


I managed to finish the products to see how they work in a long term, my hair was quite damaged and wild so I really needed something that would give me any help, and the four of them worked pretty well I even noticed that my hair started getting longer which normally happens when it’s on good shape, I really like the fact that Neäl & Wolf is not only Cruelty Free but also take care of the quality of ingredients they put on their products: is sulfate free, paraben free, DEA free, TEA free.

My hair now is pretty shiny, silky, strong, easy to work in any style without struggling with the frizz, I’m quite content with the results and the quality of the brand, Would I recommend it? YES, build a routine to recover your hair, make it stronger, if you want to gain some inches longer, I would recommend this routine to wash your hair with the non aggressive shampoo, follow the treatment cream and protect it when it comes to dry it or apply any heat directly on it. Loved the products, so my suggest.. give it a try!.

Love xoxo