Institut Esthederm: Osmoclean, Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser and Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion


Today I’m going to be sharing with you two products from Institut Esthederm that I having putting to the test: Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser and Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion both from the Osmoclean collection.

Osmoclean is a collection dedicated to prepare the skin before applying any serum, facial, oil and moisturizer. Is about cleaning the skin properly, releasing pores from impurities but without causing any damage that normally some products with strong ingredients normally do. These two products I have tried are for any type skin even the sensitive ones as is very gentle.

Osmoclean Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser


  • Size: 75 ml
  • Skin Type: All types

This Gentle Pore Cleanser was something different for me, is not just another regular cleansing cream or gel, is not for exfoliate, the way to use it is applying little amounts on different parts of the skin then start massaging, the texture is getting thicker and you know is already done once is almost solid, then it’s time to rinse it off or remove it with a cloth. I was surprise how clean my skin felt the first time i tried, obviously this is not a product for everyday use, depending of your skin type this is the way you should it:

– Sensitive or reactive skin : twice a month
– Normal skin : once a week
– Oily skin, impurities, blackheads : twice a week

– The skin is instantly cleaned to reveal a fresh and radiant complexion.
– The cream’s texture brings a unique quality to the product; when the skin is massaged, this supple cream thickens, resists and clings to the skin.
– Respects the balance of the skin flora.
– Truly lifts impurities from the skin.
– Plus Point – absorbs impurities deep within the pores under the effect of massage (deep cleansing emulsion).
– With regular use, the skin’s texture is refined and blackheads are less visible.

This is really good for people like me with clogged pores as not many products manage to remove all trash out of me face, I use it twice a week and really noticed the difference, Also considering that you would using max twice a week if you have combination skin like mine and need very little, one bottle can last very long so price wise is pretty fair.

Osmoclean Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion


  • Size: 200 ml
  • Skin Type: All types

– With regular use, the skin remains supple and hydrated, and the irritant effects of hard water will be reduced.

The last step when we prepare the skin for any treatment is the lotion or toner, in this case Institut Esthederm offers us Hydra-Replenishing Fresh Lotion, remember that I always tell you about using non aggressive toners or lotions for your face as they would make the skin get thinner and way more vulnerable, well this lotion is a good option to keep on your list as is very gentle even for sensitive skin, I have used it when my skin was way too itchy and burning because of the sun (yes, even if you use sunscreen sun can cause damage) so during those days I had to be careful with my skincare routine, this one worked brilliant, is not greasy, quite light as thermal water.

The Osmoclean collection has other products on the collection like cleansing, foams, micellar water, etc. Everything to prepare the skin as clean as possible for any serum, facial oil, or treatment you wish to apply. I really enjoyed trying out these two and discover a little bit of this brand, hopefully we will keep discovering more and maybe by skin type.

Love xoxo