Review: Freshly Cosmetics, Detox Firming Body Cream


If one follows the general recommendations to take care of the legs, avoid cellulite, stretch marks among others, maybe you heard that it is not good to drink too much coffee, but you can also hear that caffeine contains many properties to combat these issues, only that it should be used externally that is to say in creams, for that reason today I want to share with you a cream that I was using lately and I loved: Detox Firming Body Cream from Freshly Cosmetics.

Firms and moisturise your skin with this rapid absorption Detox Firming Body Cream with natural caffeine. This Firming Cream includes a high concentration of the most powerful natural principles to stimulate the combustion of fats and increase the smoothness of the skin, incorporating caffeine, gotu kola and wheat germ oil. Its activity is completed thanks to the extracts of ginger, fucus and cucumber algae that stimulate the processes of elimination of toxins and act as anti-inflammatories, providing more than 40 antioxidant compounds that capture free radicals.

Keys points:

1. Firms your skin and stimulates the combustion of fats with natural caffeine concentrate, gotu kola and fucus algae.

2. Hydrates and provides rapid absorption to your skin with almond and wheat germ oils.

3. Enhances the natural toxin-elimination processes of your skin thanks to ginger, cucumber and witch hazel.

  • ALMOND OIL It provides the hydration that your skin needs with a rapid absorption. It is an antioxidant providing a high concentration of vitamin E. It also stimulates the production of collagen.
  • WHEAT GERM OIL It is the most reaffirming vegetable oil. It is highly nutritious, regenerative and increases the elasticity of the skin. In addition, it prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
  • CAFFEINE This pure natural ingredient eliminates cellulite due to its high lipolytic power. This effect is achieved thanks to the activation of the enzyme responsible for degrading fat, which softens the skin and gives it firmness.
  • ASIATIC CENTELLA It acts as a regenerator and skin purifier. Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation and collagen production.
  • FUCUS ALGAE It enhances cell’s metabolism, burns calories, increases your physical strength and stabilizes the amount of cholesterol and glucose in your blood.
  • CUCUMBER Its high content of vitamin E and natural oils make it an excellent ingredient to repair, moisturise and provide vitality to our skin.
  • GINGER It has an outstanding activity in the metabolism of arachidonic acid, inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins and the formation of radicals acting as a powerful cellular anti-inflammatory. It provides firmness and reduces skin flabbiness providing a powerful firming action.


I’m lucky enough to have good legs, but that demands a lot of cares, like drinking water, do exercise, not using very tight pants, avoid heels, beauty cares like body scrub and moisture my skin good quality products, Freshly Products has a real good products toxic free, natural and cruelty free, a eco and healthy friendly product, I really like the philosophy of the brand and the quality. This cream is one of my favourites especially for those days that my legs are really tired as it not only leaves them very soft and help to keep them firm it also helps to improve the circulation and relax and after a long day, i recommend them specially for those who work long hours sat or standing up, or walking a lot. I love it and I recommend it, it became part of my favourite body creams for the legs.

Have you tried Freshly Cosmetics??

love xoxo