Review: The Body Shop, Lip Juicers



Lip Balms are essential in my life, from the time I wake up till I go to sleep, my lips are very dry to the point they can be sore if I don’t apply a lip balm, also in the past two years I have decided to use more natural, cruelty free and eco friendly products not only the environment and the animals, for me too I want to really take care of what I put on my body.

And I’m not really sure if these are new or not but i have never actually see them before, these are the Lip Juicers from The Body Shop, I decided to try different flavours and today I share my opinion.

Made with community Trade shea butter, marula oil and organic olive oil, these are 100% vegan balms, they come in 5 different shades or flavours, in my case I tried the “Kiwi, Kale & Watermelon” and the “Acai, Blueberry & Dragon Fruit”.

I really loved them, probably the packaging is not the best as after a while you have to take the product left with your fingers, but when it comes to quality, they are smooth when it’s time to apply them no like those sticks that are a hard stone, the lips get very moisturised without that awful taste of vaseline that I personally hate, also it last quite long is not like you have to reapply all the time. I really loved them and this is an example of how a natural product can make the difference on your beauty routine.

I normally use them alone so having a little touch of colour like this one has is good, but others I use them as “primer” before the lipstick. Conclusion: I totally love them and I recommend it if you are lip balm dependent.

Have you tried The Body Shop lately?

Love xoxo


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