Sensitive Skin Care Routine with Eau Thermale Avène


Sensitive skin is not a type of skin, but a condition, a condition that can affect all skin types.
The symptoms are tightness, itching, tingling, erythema (our face turns red), burning. Did you ever feel that? Or thought “this cream is bad” and you stop using the one you had open because it burns your face? In general it is not the cream’s fault but our skin that is sensitized. What things can damage the microbiome (the protective barrier) of the skin and leave it weak and sensitive? very abrasive products, exfoliate very often, clean our face with very strong soaps, do not use sunscreen. That’s why we suddenly notice that everything burns, bothers us and then we choose not to use anything.

Well weeks ago I tried a clay mask that practically destroyed my skin, I was full of pimples, itchy, burning and actually my skin was in pain, so had to change my regular skin care routine to recover for one more simple but with specific products, that’s when I tried a combination of 3 from Eau Thermale Avène.



First step is always cleansing, sometimes we use use gels, soap, etc that are way to aggressive with our skin, normally that happens with combination/oily skin products that look to remove the excess of oil with very strong ingredients that end up making the skin sensitive. The best is always switch time to time to a normal or softer cleanser.

The one I used these days is the Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion. A light texture cleansing lotion that contains parcerine, a new active that reduces skin reactivity, cleanses and removes make-up perfectly: very gentle, plant-based cleansing agents prevent further irritation that can be caused by rinsing with water.

How to use it: apply some product over the face and start to massage and remove with a cotton disk or a dry wipe.

I quite liked because it cleans very well the skin, if you need a double cleanse you can do it as it doesn’t irritate the face and the texture is light, not greasy at all, so every type of skin, included combination and oily can use it without problems.



Normally the second step comes with a toner that helps to close the pores after the cleansing, but normally they have alcohol or another ingredients that are not compatible with a damaged skin, that’s why in this case the best is to use a thermal water.

Very easy to use, right after cleansing, we spray some of that thermal water over our face and massage to help it to penetrate in the pores, if there is any excess you can dry it softly with a towel. Thermal water has several other uses apart of tonifying, for example it helps to fix the make-up as finish touch.




The last step is always a good cream to protect and moisture our skin, Avene have quite a selection, but I think this one is very specific for this matter.

I really like the light friendly texture it has, leaving the skin no greasy but very soft and protected, special to get read of that tightness sensation, it has very gentle ingredients that guarantee that our skin will end reactive. It’s preservative-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free.


After a week of being using these routine I felt less harm on my face and managed to incorpore the essence and serum slowly again, I quite liked the results with Avene products and would definitely come back to them if my skin has a bad reaction again.

The products are very gentle, in general I have had good results with Avene products and I really recommend them as it’s a brand focused on dermatologist issues and problematic skin.

Have you used anything from Avene before?

Love xoxo